You’ve got the speaker that will capture your audience’s focus. Let us amplify their words with supporting materials, visuals and production elements that will add polish—and even use our industry connections to find you a dynamic speaker if you need one.

JGS Group’s speaker support services include:

  • Speaker recommendations
  • Managing contractual obligations
  • Building a presentation deck
  • Video documentation of the speaker’s remarks
  • Producing a post-event webinar or on-demand video
  • Designing a visually compelling presentation
  • Scenic lighting
  • Audio-visual design and execution

Importantly, we train speakers for the new world of virtual events. Speaking from a computer or in front of a camera in a home office is different from speaking from a podium to a seated audience—we ensure speakers are prepared for the changes they’ll encounter if they’re accustomed to live events with instant audience feedback, including differences in sound levels, body language, camera position, lighting, and timing.

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