Western Digital Airstream Tour

Western Digital

Western Digital had the original idea; retrofit a 34-foot classic Airstream with built-in arenas for HD gaming, home entertainment, and browsing.  Inside, My Net Routers will breathe new life into each station for a jet-fueled streaming HD experience never witnessed before.  Next step -- tour the “Streamachine” to 14 cities and 24 events in only 45 days to spread the word about My Net routers. A simple idea until someone said, “Make it so.”

That’s when The JGS Group was handed the reins of this ambitious project and this portable high-tech showroom was brought to life.

First, of course, came the procurement of the Airstream, then the design and then the retrofit, all supervised by JGS.  The highly intricate technical design was left to the pros while JGS plotted the multi-city tour.

Heavy on logistics, each city required a location that would bring Western Digital’s message to its customers.  Additionally, a certain number of local labor and presenter talents had to be hired and trained, and lodging had to be procured.  JGS was also instrumental in generating publicity to get the word out in advance to each city about the upcoming arrival of the Western Digital Airstream Tour.

The Streamachine illustrated how with Western Digital’s new My Net routers a home could easily run a web-based home theatre, multiple player games via the internet, smart phones, smart televisions, tablets…all at once with no delays or distortion of products, all from a wireless router utilizing a single band.

The tour began in Orange County, California, and concluded at Comic Com in New York City.

Many friends were made along the way and, most importantly, a vast number of new customers were able to see first-hand the magic of Western Digital, thanks to the detailed coordination and supervision of all aspects of the tour by The JGS Group.