Shania Twain Arrival in Las Vegas

Caesars Entertainment

Shania Twain Arrival in Las Vegas, Super stars don’t just arrive in Las Vegas.  They make an Entrance!

The privilege of staging the most stunning arrival into Las Vegas since Sinatra rode a camel into town in1955 went to The JGS Group.  The newest star to lay claim to Caesars Coliseum needed an epic entrance into town.

Of course, the ultimate cowgirl, Shania Twain had to arrive on horseback following a stampede of wild horses!

JGS had the west side of the Las Vegas Strip closed as Twain and her posse of wranglers wrangled 40 some horses past the press and screaming fans, right onto the red carpet of Caesars.

And there, in front of the resort’s iconic fountains, Shania laid claim to her new home away from home, Las Vegas.

The JGS Group handled many details of this ambitious undertaking, most notably responsible for permitting and lane closures, infrastructure on Las Vegas Blvd. for the horses and securing the horses as well as the cowboy wranglers.