World Market Center

The opening of the World Market Center in Las Vegas signified a revolution in the furniture and design industries on an international scale.

Never before had so many buyers and vendors coexisted under a single roof. That roof, by the way, covers more square footage than the Pentagon.

  • Client : World Market Center

Grand Openings

The JGS Group produced the grand openings of the first three buildings of the ever-expanding WMC campus with attendance at the first event of 45,000, the second with more than 50,000, and the most recent 2008 opening attendance broke all previous records.

Making 50,000+ people feel like they’re reveling in the same event is a daunting proposition, especially when the event takes place on 10 floors, three performance stages and across a vast atrium. And marshalling the resources to move the audience in, out, up and down is equally challenging.

The solution was simple: bring on the best people, give them the tools to do their jobs and set them free – with constant executive supervision, naturally.

The JGS Group contracted several hundred of our favorite flex-staff professionals to ensure the audience was constantly informed, engaged and ultimately wowed.

The JGS Group signed on the hottest entertainers for each main stage and then showered them with confetti and plenty of pyro. On the main stages, the company  provided nonstop spectacles, including the Rat Pack, Blue Man Group, Clint Holmes, Diavolo and Rod Stewart throughout all three buildings.

Throughout the event, The JGS Group networked an army of plasma screens to broadcast the action from the main stages and keep the audience informed on upcoming activities and logistic considerations. Food and beverage stations were in abundance from top to bottom with kitchens transporting food continually.

The outcome was three flawlessly executed events that announced to the entire world the arrival and continuing excitement of the World Market Center.


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