Singapore Airlines project: Product Launch Singapore Airlines is known the world over for exceptional customer service and high standards. They are also known for conservative new market expansion. So, when the company decided to enter the Las Vegas market the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) was there to ensure a smooth landing. The JGS Group was chosen to create a production show to welcome visiting dignitaries and travel/ tourism representatives on both continents. At each stop along the way – in Las Vegas, Hong Kong and Singapore – SIA Group requested an original show be produced to serve as the kickoff for the launch festivities. The ultimate hope was that the productions would help attract media attention around the world about the emerging partnership between SIA Group and Las Vegas. There were a number of challenges immediately facing The JGS Group staff. They needed to become quickly conversant with the Asian milieu – particularly the local sense of humor – to ensure an entertaining, effective evening for all stakeholders involved.
The shows also needed to re ect a true sense of cultural authenticity without seeming campy or overproduced. Additionally, both the LVCVA and SIA Group had priority elements they wanted incorporated in the show. The JGS Group staff conducted extensive cultural research and interviewed dozens of performers to strike just the right balance of music, comedy and glamour, with close attention paid to even the smallest of details. Then, facing the challenges of producing large- scale production shows in Las Vegas as well as two foreign cities, The JGS Group overcame all obstacles to present spectacular events that not only entertained, but also served the client’s needs. The results went beyond SIA Group’s expectations. The shows enjoyed high attendance and attracted widespread media coverage in outlets such as Time, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Associated Press, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, The Dallas Morning News, CBS MarketWatch.com, The Age Australia, Travel Weekly, Lycos Finance, and in all the local Las Vegas, Singapore and Hong Kong media.
  • Client : Singapore Airlines

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