Las Vegas Springs Preserve project: Grand Opening Event With its 180-acre site of attractions and educational activities, the Las Vegas Springs Preserve commemorates the history of the Las Vegas valley and the future of sustainable living. What’s more, it sits only a mile or so from the modern-day Strip – an intriguing juxtaposition. It was that intrigue that prompted The JGS Group’s creative and logistical approach to the event for 2,000 VIP guests. First and foremost, it was to be a green event, an “Eco-Celebration.” The JGS Group guided all partners and vendors in the ways of staging an environmentally conscious extravaganza. Paper and plastic were eschewed in favor of linen and glass. Every possible item was recycled to the fullest – even the native-grown owers used for décor were re-planted.
And, as with most of the nonpro t organizations we serve, The JGS Group brought together local luminaries to celebrate our own Las Vegas heritage. The Las Vegas Philharmonic brought true elegance; Cirque Du Soleil, a multicolored tribal spectacle; and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck, an array of culturally diverse cuisine whose ingredients were sourced locally. The event, which covered much of the Springs Preserve’s acreage, entertained guests with many satellite stages of entertainment, all leading to the main stage. The JGS Group contracted with many of its ranks of event professionals to assist in maintaining constant communication, effective crowd movement and an effortless celebration for everyone.
  • Client : Las Vegas Springs Preserve

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