Vegas Chamber Preview Event

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

Preview Las Vegas is the most power-packed business forecasting and networking event of the year sponsored and attended by representatives from all walks of the area’s business community.


Preview Las Vegas (multiple years)

Working within the limited budget of Preview’s host and creator, the non-profit Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, for several years The JGS Group was tasked with creating a contemporary, business-focused environment for the event that lived up to sponsor requirements. Additionally, the growing audience for the annual gathering has come to expect a slick, polished presentation throughout the four-hour general session and subsequent trade show.

A proud sponsor of the event itself, The JGS Group rallied together its formidable arsenal of resources each year to create events equal to or even surpassing the conferences of many for-profit organizations that choose Las Vegas for their gatherings.

The JGS Group’s creative team was unleashed to craft business-focused programs that included all the required elements for the event as well as an entertaining format to keep interest and momentum high throughout.

Designers were charged with sculpting the perfect environment for the cavernous arena meeting space, with lighting and sound artisans as an integral part of the mix.

Local and nationally recognized speakers were recruited and given the Flash, PowerPoint and/or video elements they required for professional results.

The result was an emotion-filled opening for each Preview lead by the Nellis Air Force Base color guard and the presentation of our National Anthem. This attention-grabbing moment was then followed by a live performance of local Las Vegas celebrities, concluding with a high-energy, state-of-the-art video that quickly set an exciting tone for the event and highlighted the vast amount of hard-hitting, pertinent and relevant information that was to be presented.

The JGS Group took charge of speaker coaching each year as well as the procurement and direction of talent for the opening and a mid-program entertainment module.

From sets to lighting, video to sound, back-of-house direction to backstage management, The JGS Group was at the helm of several of these important and applauded events.