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Client :Ellis Gaming


If you want to attract potential investors to your new Las Vegas Strip mega resort, but all you have to show is barren desert land, what do you do?

You set The JGS Group free to create a spectacular and memorable event that brings to the investors all of the seductive excitement of such a monumental project.


Corporate Event

The The JGS Group wizards began by transforming the interior of an executive airplane hangar into Beverly Hills’ most famous street, Rodeo Drive. Elegant and chic storefronts, streetlights, curbs…it was an amazing metamorphosis. The centerpiece of the design was an elevated open meeting room to meet one-on-one with investors. Exclusive wardrobe was created for models, while Rich & Famous performed on the main stage. Celebrity attendees as well as all investors received gift bags based on their VIP status, some of which included iPod Nanos preloaded with the investor demo reel.

With delicacies provided by chef Kerry Simon, pod dancers and ultra-lounge furniture completed the uber-chic atmosphere. However, nothing could compare with the excitement as more than 200 attendees took private helicopter rides down the Strip and over the proposed site of the new property, which was outlined in sky-tracker lights and branded with a large logo banner.

Specific challenges included shuttling guests from five local hotels and the convention center in a short time window and then escorting them through the event in a timely manner that allowed for private meetings as well as the helicopter rides.

Due to interference with the airport control tower, faulty radio/cell service demanded face-to-face communications with all personnel. Sky-tracker lighting so close to the airport also required special clearances. However, even though a last minute exit plan had to be devised on the spot due to the passing of a presidential candidate’s limo, the entire event progressed effortlessly in the eyes of the attendees and the client.