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With the right partners,

anything is possible.

The JGS Group delivers focused and calculated marketing communication initiatives for clients around the world.

Our live event productions take the form of product launches, grand openings, general sessions, users conferences, grand openings, fashion shows, award shows, street teams and intercept marketing teams, hospitality and training events, and much more. We believe in using your communications budget in a strategic fashion, while retaining every possible element of interactivity. There’s no price that can be put on the impact you make when the audience connects directly with your experience—and the results can last forever.

We all know successful partnerships begin with good communication, so let’s begin the conversation! Please feel free to reach out using the contact info below with any questions you have.

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Meet the Team

Julie Gilday-Shaffer



Vince Shaffer

Director of Business Development


Darby Fitzpatrick-Reber



Abbey Dalla

Production Administrator


Office: 702-998-9097 | Fax: 702-952-5446 | Email: info@thejgsgroup.com

1050 Indigo Drive, Suite 110, Las Vegas, NV 89145