Las Vegas Monorail Project: Grand Opening Event It was supposed to change the face of Las Vegas, a symbol of the city’s expanding infrastructure and a vital artery to move the lifeblood of the economy – the convention and tourism market. But as months passed and scheduled launch dates came and went, the press turned derisive and even the project’s most ardent champions grew frustrated. It fell to The JGS Group to ensure that – when the big day finally arrived – all of that negative energy would be erased and the Monorail’s launch would be the fuel of grand celebration. A plan in place that could be executed when “the call” finally came that the Monorail was to open. The JGS Group’s meticulously orchestrated event involved a progressive, five-mile spectacular of entertainment, food and fireworks at each stop along the inaugural train’s journey. The local and international press were onboard, joined by celebrities and key dignitaries along the way. When the train was “revealed” at its destination, the opening night gala exploded into an extravaganza of music, light and pyro that spanned the entire Las Vegas Strip. The celebration continued into the night as guests boarded and re-boarded the Monorail to find even more food, entertainment and excitement at each hotel property along the track, all organized by The JGS Group. The magnificent event unfolded exactly as planned. By the next day, news of the Las Vegas Monorail reached around the globe, indeed enhancing the positive perception of the city.   An event as intricate and vast as this was only possible due to The JGS Group’s  deep-set relationships with Las Vegas business, government and vendor communities. On such short notice, it was vital for The JGS Group to unify so many entities into a single vision, a single path – a monorail.
  • Client : Las Vegas Monorail

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