Client : Lamborghini


The JGS Group was the driving force behind a successful launch of Lamborghini’s magnificent new LP560-4 at the Lamborghini Las Vegas showroom in the Palazzo Hotel.


Product Launch

The event began as The JGS Group welcomed guests into the showroom past a step-and-repeat wall on a Lamborghini yellow carpet. Cars were showcased on the first floor by iconic Las Vegas showgirls flaunting Lamborghini’s trademark colors of lime green, bright orange, black and white. A DJ played Euro-lounge-style music as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while surveying the inventory on the showroom floor. And then the big moment came – The JGS Group’s choreographed unveiling. After comments by company dignitaries, music swelled, lighting focused and in perfect timing and a kabuki drop revealed a stunning white and a black LP560.

After much applause and an audible chorus of “ohh’s and ah’s,” The JGS Group invited guests to move downstairs for a fashion show featuring exclusive Lamborghini apparel presented on a catwalk worthy of fashion’s most esteemed couturiers.

Interest spanned many media outlets, including local coverage from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, VEGAS and Luxury Las Vegas, as well as national and international coverage from the Los Angeles Times. Also present were 21 other magazines, including Traffic, Traction and MiMi (an international fashion magazine).

The real icing on the cake came after The JGS Group helped to set the tone, create the energy and build the excitement in the showroom when Lamborghini’s savvy sales team took it from there to sell seven cars that day. It was an unprecedented day in Lamborghini sales and The JGS Group was thrilled to be Lamborghini Las Vegas’ partner in this great event.