Aspect Communications

Client : Aspect Communications


The Challenge: Create an entertaining and informative multipurpose video, highlighting new products and technologies.

By utilizing Aspect Communications employees for use at the company’s annual User Conference as well as for sales efforts throughout the year.


Corporate Event

With consumers becoming increasingly deluged with new electronic products, Aspect turned to The JGS Group to create an entertaining, yet effective video. However, the video needed to have a shelf life beyond the typical showing at the company’s annual gathering. It also needed to star real employees rather than actors to fit into the company’s overall marketing plan, and needed to be created with a stern eye toward budget.

Overseeing all elements of production, The JGS Group first created the script, incorporating demonstrations of the new products/technologies presented in easy-to-understand dialogue. Also crucial was the need to adhere strictly to the company’s existing branding and culture.

Next, scheduling the shoot became one of the greatest challenges as multicity locations were necessary to include various executives and other employees. Complete video crews had to be found in each city, making sure that crew schedules were also in sync with those of Aspect executives. Another challenge was to teach the many on-camera employee “actors” to do just that – act. With little to no experience, the employees rose to the challenge due to the leadership and direction of The JGS Group’s talented creative team who walked them through the entire process. Editing and all other post-production activities were also helmed by The JGS Group.

Successful Outcome: The result was one of the company’s greatest and most effective video presentations to date, which was not only a part of the Aspect’s Annual User Conference, but also a long-lived and valuable addition to the company’s sales team’s arsenal of marketing tools.